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Rooted - The Homecoming

a mini course of extracted wisdom on the things that really matter and finding home within ourselves 


Nomad - How to Build Location and Financial Freedom

A super practical guide to finding new and innovative ways to make money, travel, live abroad, create streams of income, build or grow a business and cultivate a lifestyle of more freedom and possibility. Through tools, tips and Jessi’s process you will learn so much about what it takes to forge your own path.


Sovereign - Rebel Ways of Radical Self Awareness

a nutrient dense self-paced journey on nervous system care, boundaries, honorable relating, attachment styles, codependency patterns, herd mentality, conscious communication, choice theory, finding your voice, body awareness, instinct and intuition.How to safeguard against manipulation

Essence of Magick- Modern Mystics Guide to Witchcraft + Herbalism

An overflowing catalog of magickal learning for anyone interested in learning or deepening about the pagan wheel of the year, herbalism, energetics / energy healing, astrology, animism and animistic traditions, and the teachings of the flora and fauna of our natural world. Includes videos, PDF recipes, photos, and written content for all learning styles.

Witches Wheel- Rituals + Practices for Each Point of the Wheel of the Year

A collection of rituals and practices to journey around the sabbaths of the wheel of the year. Each of the 8 turns of the wheel includes practices, lectures, rituals and recipes from 3 day intensives offered for the duration of a pagan year. Add new ideas to your grimoire or begin observing the beautiful changes in the agricultural year that reflect our inner world back to us for garden tending. 


Nectar Noir- Embodiment + Shadows 

A blend of nourishment from our celebrated Wild Enchantress, Blood, Bones + Magick, Draped in Dark Nectar and Carnal Nature courses covers female anatomy, cyclic living, energetic cycles, embodiment, self-care, shadow integration, the dark feminine archetype, sensuality, orgasmic potential and understanding, trauma-tending, somatic compassion and helps to unlock and welcome home the outcasted aspects of body, being, soul, and psyche.  


200HR- Yoga Teacher Training

Jessi’s beloved 200HR Yoga Teacher Training is all online for those who wish to take it all at their own pace. The Yoga Alliance accredited online training includes, history, philosophy, anatomy, posture clinics, cueing and safety, class archives, and covers various styles of yoga including inspiration from vinyasa, power, yin, gentle, anusara, forest and iyengar teachers.


Wild Mystic - Practitioner Intensive [300HR Yoga Teacher Training +]-

The Yoga Alliance accredited 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is included in this bundle which includes a deeper exploration of cueing, sequencing, anatomy of movement and bodily systems, language and creative teaching, hands on assists, philosophy, ayurveda, energetic anatomy, meditation, conscious business basics, energetic ethics, tantra and self practice alongside NOURISH recordings to care for yourself deeply.


Reclaim self-awareness. 

Dramatically impact how you relate to self and others.

Tend to your nervous system.

Essence of Magick

Rituals, recipes, herbal lore, astrology, lunar practices, natural wisdom, reiki, druidry and so much more.

The Wild Witches Wheel

Rituals and lessons for all the points in the Wheel of the Year 


Be called home to your core values.  Ground yourself in enchantment and pleasure.


Analyse your skills. Create business plans.

Build a life of freedom.

Nectar Noir

Learn everything you wish you had been taught at school. Anatomy, cycles, shadows and embodiment.

200 hour yoga teacher training

Anatomy, Asanas, philosophy and ritual. For all yogis & body workers.

Wild Mystic: Practitioner Intensive

Dive into 300 hours+ of yoga teacher training and nourishment practices.

Explore all this magick at your own pace, in your own time

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Everything Bundle Inclusion Pricing Breakdown

Rooted $199

Wild Witches Wheel $888

Nectar Noir $1200

Essence of Magick $1440

Wild Mystic $5000 

NOMAD $677 

Sovereign $1999 

200hr $2,700 

= $14,103 Total Value before any previously purchased courses, or credits

47 Payments of $299 and you own everything forever OR cancel anytime. 


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