The Wild

Witches' Wheel


A journey through the pagan

Wheel of the Year 


A juicy bundle of 3-day online immersions for each of the 8 celebration points in the year - the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days in between.

Move through the seasons with magick and intention, guided by a bunch of incredible witches and teachers.  Never be short of a way to celebrate the Wheel of the Year.

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This magickal bundle includes 8 mini courses, each with 3 day's worth of content.

There's an immersion for each celebration in the Wheel of the Year, each one including rituals, herbal recipes, guided visualisations, lectures and creative quests to fill your soul with delicious and empowering goodness.

Join Jessi Magick of Wild Essence and a selection of very special guests for:

  • Samhain: The witches' New Year, a juicy dark celebration that falls around Halloween
  • Yule: The winter solstice, the longest night of the year on the 21st or 22nd of December
  • Imbolc: Early glimpses of spring come at the beginning of February
  • Ostara: The spring equinox on the 21st or 22nd of March
  • Beltane: A frothy, sexy celebration at the beginning of May
  • Litha: The Summer Solstice and a celebration of the longest day on the 21st or 22nd of June
  • Lughnasadh: Early August and the first harvest celebration of the year
  • Mabon: The autumn equinox on the 21st or 22nd of September
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The Wheel turns and we mark the changing light and dark. 

As the sun and moon dance throughout the year, taking turns to rule the day, we dance with them and dive into rituals, lessons, celebrations and songs...

This juicy bundle of recorded material will help you to deepen and enrich your relationship with the magick of the seasons.

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In your Wild Wheel bundle:

Jessi Magick hosts rituals, practical sessions and talks tied to seasonal magick

Wild Essence's very own Heathen - Witch - Siren is your guide through the year.

Jessi presents a range of transformative, nurturing and powerful rituals and tools to add to your personal practice, whatever path you follow.

Attuned deeply to the whispers of The More, Jessi invites you to close your eyes and listen ever deeper to the personal whispers calling you.

This year's worth of content will help you tune into the magick all around and within you, with some special guests and guides.

Special guests bring all kinds of expertise and wisdom

Guest speakers from around the world offer tools from their unique perspective to help you to celebrate, survive and thrive through the turns of the Wheel. Join:

  • Michelle Guerrero Dennison
  • Chrissy Marie
  • Jenni Rose
  • Alex Bailey
  • Audra Santa
  • Bara Cerna
  • Alexis O'Neal Corey
  • Brie Ann Wollman
  • Bara Cerna
  • Heather Bianca
  • Sam Goodlet
  • Zipp
  • Kiersten Marie

& others witches and wild ones with magick to share.

Access the course each time you celebrate

The videos from the rituals and offerings are all stored in your Wild Essence portal, ready for you to dive into and explore whenever you desire to connect to the magick of the Wheel.

There are so many materials for each Sabbat that you will never be short of ritual ideas, recipes, meditational and somatic practices, or inspiration.

Each point in the Wheel has 3 day's worth of content with at least 3 video offerings per day.  You can take these at your own pace and mix them up. 

Material lists are provided - sometimes you simply need yourself and an open heart, other times there are herbs or craft materials to gather.

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The Wheel of the Year

is open to all


Part of neo-pagan and druidic practices, the Wheel is a beautiful way to move through the seasons.


The Wheel is open to anyone, regardless of your faith or spirituality.


We mark the solstices, equinoxes and the cross-quarter days in between them as a way of connecting with practices our ancestors may have shared.  The Wheel of the Year gives us a path to reconnect with the seasons and the shifting levels of light and energy.

In the Wild Witches' Year you will:

  • Create altars

  • Connect with your ancestors

  • Scry

  • Make sigils

  • Follow guided meditations and visualisations

  • Practice breathwork and movement
  • Concoct herbal medicines

  • Draw and paint 

  • Write and play with words, journal and create poems

  • Take part in rituals

  • Work with seasonal energies for your intention setting and spell work

  • Learn about historical seasonal practices 

  • Tune into wise creatures and plants

  • Connect with and empower your inner witch

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Upon enrolment:

You will receive instant access to 8 celebration's worth of pre-recorded workshops, live session recordings for you to work through at your own pace


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