Essence of Magick : Witchery + Herbalism

A Modern Mystic's Magickal Initiation
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A few witches collected their Grimoires & made an online course.

We've combined our studies and magick to birth this course for all those seeking to tend their own magickal seeds.

For those who seek to find a way to breathe their world to life. Ritual, plants, myths, and all things magick are found in these pages.

This is your guide to discovering the magick that already lives within you, through tools and resources you can return to over and over again.

Join Jessi Marino, Michelle Guererro Denison and a host of special magickal guests for an online course PACKED with wisdom, information and ideas

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This offering is for you if:

  • You already have a spiritual practice and desire to dive more deeply into ritual, herbalism and intentions

  • You haven't yet fully found your own practice but are eager to begin 

  • You desire to hold your own circles, facilitate rituals and deepen your connection to The More, in whatever form that takes for you

  • You want to unlock your inner kitchen witch and start making teas, tinctures and other good things

  • You are looking for a more meaningful way to move through the seasons and connect to nature


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Your Teachers

Jessi Magick
Founder of Wild Essence

Priestess Provocateur + Heathen Witch, Founder + Head Mystress of Wild Essence School of Feminine Magick + Mysteries

Jessi is an anarchist who breaks every rule and cracks open the soul cages of all we think we know for sure. 

She is an animist who dances her own thread of the natural web. She claims herself heathen, dweller on the Heath- no doctrine or belief system controls her wild essence. 

A Witch of alchemical embers, she is known for her provocative ways of thinking and moving against the grain in a world of conformity.

In all of her creations, Jessi brews a cocktail of her practices in neuroscience, somatic psychology, trauma-sensitive movement therapies, witchcraft, shamanism, herbalism, feminism, and sensual empowerment. 

She is an artist in soul, who longs eternally for poetry, song, and dance. Her greatest liberation is to LIVE so wildly that it ignites others to live fully too.

Michelle Guerrero Denison
of The Twig and Feather Herbs

Herbalist and Green Witch, Michelle has been studying herbalism for over 10 years and has a deep, intuitive connection to plant magick.

She enchants on social media, sharing her tips for kitchen witchery and relationships with herbs, in her unique age and body positive style. 

Her message is one of self love and self empowerment.

Michelle runs her own herbalist shop, also offering consultations, coaching and herbal training.

In Essence of Magick, Michelle shares with you her relationship with the Wheel of the Year, a tonne of rituals, recipes and guided meditations, alongside tips and ideas for working with deities, spirits and plants.

Her educational style is warm and friendly, like your local witch just popped back from the forest to share all her deepest and most powerful wisdom with you over a cup of sweetly scented tea.

Other special guest teachers:

Alex Bailey - Wiccan Heathen enchantress, Reiki and body work practitioner 

Dana Vo - plant sage and cannabis expert 

Ursula - astrologer 

Sam Goodlet - green witch and animist 

In your Essence of Magick online grimoire you will find:

  • The Pagan Wheel of the Year

  • Building your Craft and working with the 4 Directions 

  • Self Love for Witches

  • Working with Goddesses 

  • Intro to Plant Magick

  • Building your Herbal Apothecary

  • Intro to Druidry
  • Cannabis Plant Medicine

  • Tuning into your own Magick 

  • Working with the Lunar Cycles 

  • Ethics and Intentions 

  • Rituals for Grounding + Protection, Release and Primal Power

  • Intro to Reiki

  • Understanding Astrology 

  • A year of monthly magick with natural guides taking you through the seasons

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