Wild Essence is a portal for rebels, wanderers, and those longing for more;

To land home rooted in our bodies, sovereign in our hearts, and enchant the worlds we walk through with the essence of magick

A canvas to dreamscape our wildest chapters yet, whether they draw us home to, listening closely to the hearth of the muse or fly us to nomadic freedom.

A nest of nectar noir to reclaim our cyclic wisdom, and carnal nature, where we may spiral dance with our shadows in embodied grace.

 A threshold to embody our birth-rites, as we weave the tapestry of a wild witches wheel of the year.

Blooming wild mystics who plant the seeds of the worlds we wish to see, 

and dreamers of all walks are welcome here.

We offer the keys to online libraries of extracted wisdom and practices


In-person experiences of embodiment, empowerment + enchantment.

For those who:

  • Long for the unnamable more to cloak them in stories of a wilder world.
  • Choose to infuse curious awe into mundane moments.
  • Have always known there was “more” than meets the eye in this creaturely life.
  • Delight to unravel in solitude, AND those who sniff out a pack to run with.

All bodies, all beings are welcome who seek to learn, grow and return home.

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soma-tending • intentional cooking • coven gathering • 1-1 mentorship • creativity nurturance • witches council 

Hearth of the Muse calls you home to the nurturance we deeply long for. We tend to our bodies and souls like the garden of stories they are. Gathering at pivotal points in the wheel of the year aids us in marking the moment - and simmering in presence. 

Your breath will journey the places it most longs for, you will find herbs left under fingernails and remember gratitude for the gift of being human, you will meet remarkable people, and treasure their ‘flaws’ alongside their grace, and your heart will recall a time long ago, yet not so far away when we lived what matters.

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A beautiful beginning to your journey with Wild Essence no matter where you are along your path. These 13 Sips of extracted wisdom will remind you of the things that really matter, and drizzle some easily digestible insight on some of life’s biggest conundrums and thresholds. Dig your toes and fingers into the mud of this flesh and bone life where we know nothing at all for sure and improve your quality of life just by directing your awareness to your aliveness, and to the magick of this spiral dance we weave.


We have been leaders in online learning since 2017, before everyone and their dog had a course. We’ve chosen to offer our creme of the crop courses in this accessible subscription format to make it possible to dip your toes in. 

Each of our bundle subscriptions offers you the keys to a wing of our library. The 4 wings are described below. So long as your subscription is active you can flip through all the pages we have to offer including hundreds of videos, practices, rituals, recipes, and decadent journeys.

Each 3 months of your active subscription without lapse you will receive some magick in your mailbox from us, as a thank you for tending the keys with care. If you keep your subscription active to term you can keep the keys forever, and your payments will end.

You always have the choice for an early payoff, OR, to buy any individual course on its own if you desire.

The Well

Care for your body, mind, and soul, and tend to all the parts yourself with this bundle. This is the ultimate self-care and wellness-boosting bundle of courses from Jessi Magick and special guests. Delight in juicy educational and empowering materials created to deeply nourish and inspire you to create lasting and powerful change in how you see and care for yourself.

Your $199/month subscription includes access to: Sovereign, Rooted, and Nectar Noir

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The Magick

For budding or practiced witches, mystics, and wise ones. A whole year’s worth of rituals, plus recipes, herbal lore, astrology, lunar practices, natural wisdom, reiki, druidry and so much more.  The ultimate online grimoire to fill each corner of your world with magick.  Also great for writers, artists and creatives looking for inspiration and ideas.

Your $199/month subscription includes access to: Sovereign, Essence of Magick, and Witches Wheel

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The Practitioner

The GOLD standard for support and inspiration for all wellness practitioners. Whether your practice is yoga/ or training yoga teachers, massage, coaching, astrology, channeling, energy work… Our offerings will enhance your boundaries, deepen your understanding of the human body, help you run your business in integrity and keep your own cup full as you care for other people.

Your $199/month subscription includes access to: Sovereign, Rooted, Nomad, 200HR Yoga Teacher Training + Wild Mystic Advanced Practitioner Intensive

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The Keys to Everything

The secret garden awaits. Access the entire library of our courses and programs. Unlock our whole catalog of magickal and empowering offerings through this, the most robust bundle of courses the internet has to offer. Choose to drench yourself in the mysteries, and call yourself into deeper aliveness through these many doorways.

$299/ Month Includes all of the courses we offer

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