How to Build Financial and Locational Freedom.


An online program giving you the steps to begin or enhance making money online


Make your plan for location independence, and build a sustainable future outside conditioned social norms


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This program is for those who are looking to make a life where you can be rooted anywhere.

For the wanderers and adventurers, looking to be stable and consistently supported, whilst able to move.

Whether you are looking to be completely nomadic or work in a more hybrid way, NOMAD offers a range of tools and ideas for you to apply to your unique situation.

Join Wild Essence's CEO, heathen witch siren Jessi Magick for a uniquely practical magickal online course.

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Jessi's Story

The idea of walking in a straight line shattered my heart.


After high school the reality of the systems of the world felt like being suffocated and I numbed myself out with whatever distracted me well enough.


I went to college for marketing [MEH about everything], worked constantly, and graduated early with a Bachelors in Communications and Marketing. My first job out of college I was building the marketing department of a start-up online education company. Cool job - but I looked at the life ahead of me with absolute terror."

I spiraled down - found spiritual practices and became a yoga teacher. I was resigned to the idea that in order to be well, and live with any meaning I would likely be a starving artist. 


And I did that for a while - until I went bankrupt trying to run a yoga studio with $900/month heat bills. Again, I felt pure despair - is this really all there is ?   I wanted to be free - without compromising my safety. I wanted to see the world, and make enough money to build a life I was excited to participate in each day without fear of homelessness. 


In NOMAD, I'll be sharing with you all the things I have learnt from the mistakes I made and the successes I have celebrated. 

I'll share cool codes on balancing wealth and wellness, to avoid burning out at the feet of your business. 

I have found a way to hold the freedom and safety paradox creating both the spaciousness to be anywhere in the world that nourishes me AND the financial sustenance to support the lifestyle I desire to live.

If you are looking to do the same, this offering is a great way to get started or to deepen your practice.

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