The Rebel Ways of Radical


What Does SOVEREIGN Include?


8 Lectures

8 Rituals

8 Exercises

8 Weekly LIVE Sessions

Ritual + Practical Magick Tools

Access to Private Global Support Nest

The Sovereign Tea Blend by Briething Botanica

Entry to Wild Essence Community

1 Private 1:1 Session with Jessi, Priestess Provocateur: Empowerment + Sovereignty Coach

1 Private 1:1 Session with Brie, Behavioral Analyst + Alchemist: Self Nourishment Sage

1 Private 1:1 Session with Heather, Tantric Practitioner + Conscious Communication Guide


The Missing Link

Begins Autumn Equinox 2021

Have you ever wondered why you feel like shit when looking at certain advertisements?

Why other people's emotions impact you so much? Why you can't seem to re-wire those belief patterns even though every coach claims without applicable practices that it's the #1 thing to do?


Do you complete program after program still feeling broken and looking for some kind of salvation?
Do you find that when it comes to making real changes on a measurable level you are frozen solid? I've been in the spiritual development industry for 13 years now and this is the fundamental missing link that I see across the board.

We are not taught to think for ourselves.
We are not taught how to listen to our own authority. We are terribly codependent and approval-seeking. We are insecurely attached AF. Our nervous systems are shot from trying to regulate all the trauma.
We are still terrified of being outcast or exiled.


We . Just . Don't . Govern . Our . Own . Lives . 

This is severely problematic.

We are making buying decisions from a place of disempowerment and insecurity.

We are following the herd instead of our own heart.

We are not living authentically because our identity is still wrapped up in what others think of us.

The thing we need
more than anything is
to take back our

S O V E R E I G N T Y.

We need to actually know ourselves, how we tick, what we need, and how to communicate that in a healthy and conscious way.


You Will Learn:

  • How you are subject to manipulation and how to safeguard against it

  • Foundations of Nervous System Regulation

  • Your Codependency Patterns and Daily Actionable Shifting Steps

  • Your Attachment Styles and how to shift them

  • Breaking HerdMentality

  • Identifying our Need for Belonging/ Fear of Exile

  • Drawing Healthy Boundaries 

  • Conscious Communication

  • Choice Theory + Empowered Decision Making

  • Sovereign Scrying Fuck Yes/No

  •  Finding YOUR Voice in a world of mimicry

  • Autonomous Body Awareness

  • Instinct + Intuition, how to tell the difference and why they are useful