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Click on our delicious menu of programs for more information.  All of our offerings are hosted by our heathen-witch-siren Jessi Magick, some alongside special guests to bring even more JUICE.


Our aim is to fill your cup to overflow...


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Apocalypse Thrival Guide: Your Nervous System

Nurture yourself in the eye of the storm with our eBook packed with tips, rituals, recipes, ideas and information.  Learn how your triggers and responses work, and how you can manage them for a calmer life.    A great introduction to our world if you are new to us.

Your Thrival Guide eBook will be available for instant download when you purchase, and includes videos and guided meditations.


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SOVEREIGN: The Rebel ways of Radical Self Awareness

Our signature 8 week program for truly knowing yourself, commanding your triggers and honorable relating.

Self-paced, powerful video transmissions from your teachers Jessi, Brie and Heather guide you through the process of reclaiming your sovereignty.

$1999 pay in full 

3 month and 12 month payment plans available

Recommended to Everyone

The Wild Witches' Wheel: A Journey through the Wheel of the Year

A bundle of 3-day immersions for each of the 8 celebrations in the pagan Wheel of the Year.

Jessi is joined by a host of witches and magickal practitioners bringing you lectures, rituals, recipes and other offerings to celebrate the journey through the seasons, with videos you can dive into time and time again.

$888 pay in full

or $77 a month x 12 months

Get Witchy With It!

Essence of Magick: Witchery & Herbalism

A juicy online grimoire with all you need to deepen your practice of witchcraft including seasonal magick, recipes, astrology, druidry and more.

Includes special guest teachers Michelle Guerrero Dennison, Dana Vo, Sam Goodlet, Alex Bailey and others, all offering lectures, recipes, and practical exercises to deepen your craft.

Suitable for witchy practitioners of all levels and spiritual foundations.

$1111 pay in full 

Or $370.33 x 3 months

Basically Hogwarts but Cooler!

Nomad: Locational & Financial Freedom

Everything you need to know about setting up your business and/or improving your business systems so you can live and work anywhere.

Delivered via video from Jessi, sharing the tools she has used to set up her businesses and be based in Costa Rica.

Packed with information and inspiration to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

$677 pay in full 

Or $225.66 x 3 months

Tell me what you really really want, then get it!

Our books and courses offer you a portal to greater magick  


We are here for the wild wanderers and adventurers into The More. 

Our offerings have been crafted to enhance your own power and inner knowing, and are brought to you by Jessi Magick and a host of other wise guides and teachers.


Our Apocalypse Thrival Guides are a great place to start if you're looking for an introduction to Wild Essence and the magick we bring 

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