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Wild Priestess

1v1 Apprenticeship

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The path of this intimate apprenticeship dives into the depths of the psyche,

the energetic +physical body, and the soul of the world. 


"Priestess", since the time this program was created- has become a buzz-word.

The truth is, no amount of hours, or credential can

"make you a Priestess, nor make you a Witch"


YOU DECIDE - to claim the name that is YOURS.

 A priestess in my eyes, walks in two realms,

that of Wild - flesh & bone and that of Essence - Spirit.


Our journey together will unravel both classic + intrinsic of teachings in magick 

+ spirituality in a personalized cyclic structure that aligns with the seasonal energies of the Wheel of the Year.


Our path of movement, ritual, plant medicine, nature, ethics, energy work, sacred sexuality, will unravel YOUR unique voice, flavor, depths

 which you may choose to share with the world.


This is the way of the ancients, a mentor and an apprentice would journey the worlds together until the time of initiation when they walk side by side one foot in each realm, doing sacred work together - as you may be invited to within Wild Essence.


 This is the intimate, personal experience that is craved and longed for.

I am here. When you are ready.

- Jessi Magick -

This is ONLY for the Wildest and most ready of hearts. 

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Wild Priestess A Year & A Day Apprenticeship 

  • 13; 2 Hour Virtual Sessions

  • 4 Live Flesh & Bone 1-1 Sessions 

  • 3; Priestess Initiation Ceremonies

  • Full Wild Mystic 1000HR Online Course [9K Value]

  • Seasonally custom crafted self-nourishment care packages from Briething Botanica

  • 3X 1-1 Sessions and custom plant magic medicine from Twig & Feather Michelle Guerrero Dennison

  • Coven Priestess gatherings, collective magick

  • Ritual Magick Monthly Sessions

  • So. MUCH. MORE

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