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Facilitators of Wild Essence are Sister’s around the world who are potent medicine keepers forging their unique pathways in their communities. Some facilitators can be seen within the libraries of our online courses while others hold circles and gatherings in the Flesh & Bone. 


We introduce you to these Sisters with the trust that should you seek their unique medicine, that it will nourish you deeply. These sister’s are independent Creatrix’ with offerings independent from our work together. We encourage our sisterhood to get to know these incredible women and seek them out should you feel called in their direction.

Jessi Mendez


Directrix - Sacred Feminine Seamstress + WombWitch

@jessimagic | @wildessencealchemy

Jessi Mendez Directrix + Head Mistress of Wild Essence, ERYT500 attunes to wise whispers of Nature for the soul purpose of the embodiment, enchantment and empowerment through the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine on the planet. Through intuitively - intelligent- magical -movement Flesh Spells, powerful ritual and ceremony;  Jessi calls back what is instinctual - raw - and intrinsically present in the bones. It is her mission through all she shares to call home the WILD in all who seek to reclaim their birthright. 

Brie Wollman


Eclectic Creatrix + Potionista  ERYT500​


@briething_magick | @briethingbotanica


Brie is a passionate dancer, trained in performance and traditional dance. She has been connecting body and soul for her entire life, so of course it spilled over into her spiritual practice. Since becoming a yoga teacher, she has been weaving tapestries of primal movement art in her classes and inspiring uninhibited living in our students. Brie is also a self taught kitchen witch and makes incredible potions for women's support. She has been journeying through the Sacred Feminine alongside Jessi in the reclamation of our natural cycles, overall womb care and instinctual medicine. Her voice is sprinkled through Wild Enchantress and many other programs as co-directrix of the Wild Essence mission. Make sure to check out her herbal magick.

Michelle Guerrero


Eclectic Kitchen Witch + Herbalist

@glitterinthedirt | @twigandfeathershop

Michelle is a practicing Eclectic Kitchen Witch who digs glitter from the dirt through her inspirational social media presence, life altering teas, and education surrounding magic in our modern world. She provides teachings of ancient Celtic and Pagan traditions and helps us to honor the turns of the seasonal wheel with incredible recipes and her luscious spirit.


Kayla Lussier


Yogini + Ayurvedic Student ERYT500,



Kayla owns Limelight Studio LLC in Danielson Ct, a hair and yoga studio! The hair salon opened in 2017 and she dove in to Wild Essence YTT right after opening! The next year the yoga studio was finished and she was taking another YTT. Kayla went into yoga training with zero interest in teaching classes, nevermind opening a studio of her own, but here were are! A yoga teacher training is a lot of self work, reflection and connection, that’s what she was seeking. Teaching actual postures is only a small part. After her first training she couldn’t ignore that the content she had learned and unlearned needed to be shared, there came the teaching and the studio:)


Kayla is all about individuality and finding a way! Being intuitive and creative are essential to her everyday life. She try’s to keep an open mind, always trying to understand the opposing point of view. She loves to help and support people around her. She is currently diving deeper into the feminine alchemy that is Wild Essence now, and is here to help support your journey should you feel called to her!



Amanda Ananda


Tantra Teacher + Divine Feminine Embodiment Guide




" I heard the call of my mission. I found my purpose in life and I said, “HEAVENS YESSS!”

I began to focus on healing myself so that I could guide others in doing the same. I helped them start experiencing the same blissful life I had. I wanted to grow a community of us.

It was through this process that I began reconnecting to my higher self. It was a part of myself that I had been aware of since childhood, but had been suppressed through a series of traumatic and abusive experiences. When I began the process of reconnecting to myself, I found that I was able to re-open my chakras, access my most valuable tool - vulnerability and connect to the Divine in a way I had never experienced before.


Alexandra Bailey


Water Witch + Energy Magick LMT, ERYT500,

Usui + Lightarian Reiki Master




Alex blends her deeply rooted hippie soul with a water woven medley of teachings from The Society of Witchcraft +  Old Magick, Reiki and Yoga Training. She combines her  wealth of body-mind knowledge  with her reverent relationship with the Natural world to offer  wildly unique, fierce but gentle practices of relaxation, ritual + spell work. You will find her faery dancing, making love to the winds and spinning poetry like a water seamstress in WE courses and actively amidst our retreats. 



Alissa Maya


Folk Herbalist Medicine Woman + Doula in Training




Alissa is the owner of Akasha Apothcary a botanica of Eco-conscious handmade goods, plant medicines, ayurveda, womb wisdom, CBD, ethical clothing + powerful teas. 

Akasha Apothecary is a Gaia Conscious Marketplace founded by this earth honoring Queen who is a force of nature herself. We are honored and excited to present her educational materials around pregnancy + wombcare within our Wild Enchantress course SOON!




Colleen Egan


Anatomy & Physiology Teacher RYT200




Colleen comes from both a traditional medical background with a degree in Allied Health from UCONN as well as a Certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and offers her services as a lifestyle and health coach internationally. Look forward to seeing her beautiful smile teaching about bones and joints and fascia as well as creating her own luscious courses on nutrition and whole health.


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