Essence of MagicK

Witchery + Herbalism

A few witches Collected their Grimoires ...


and made an online course.

 An Eclectic Kitchen Witch + Herbalist + A Heathen Womb-Witch + A Medicine Woman, + A Priestess of Magdalene + A Reiki Master and some surprise guests have combined their study and magick to birth this course for all those seeking to tend their own magickal seeds + facilitate.

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The Pagan Wheel 601

With Michelle the history sabbaths, rituals, traditions, spells for each season

The Craft 601

Witchcraft 101 with Michelle cultivates your craft and helps you find magic in the mundane.

Druidry 601

With Jessi and Allison history, philosophy, practices, rituals and teachings, celtic philosophy and teachings

Herbal Tea

Herbalism 601

Plant medicine teachings of kitchen witchery and magickal widlcrafting with Michelle Guerrero + Guest Herbalists

Reiki 601

Japanese Reiki Energy with Alex Bailey for enhancement of self alignment and facilitation

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