Apocalypse Thrival Guide : Part 1

Nurturing Your Nervous System

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A thrival series of tips and tools to guide our souls through the eye of the storm.

It begins with a beautiful 63-page book to help you do one of the most fundamental things:
Take care of your nervous system.
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The intricate wiring of your being, the sensitivities and complexities that ripple through your body, and spiral out into your whole life. Everything that happens to you causes you to react.
And right now, a LOT of things are happening to all of us, all of the time.
The state of your nervous system affects how you see the world, how you are able to respond to everything that comes up in your daily life, your health, and every relationship and interaction that you have with another being.
Regulating and caring for your nervous system is possibly the MOST important thing you can do when it feels like the world is on fire.
And this piece is so often missing when it comes to anything designed to help you feel or to cope better with life.
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You can't mindset your way out of this; you are a physical being and you need to start in the physical world, in your roots, in the solid ground of your body and your life.

This emphasis on the physical FIRST is a foundation stone in the world of Wild Essence.
Our teachers and facilitators have come together to share with you their favorite tools and tricks, and learnings in this empowering book.
It's not that we're perfect and never react to anything anymore. Of course not. That would mean missing out on the joys of being human, as well as the hard stuff.
But we have all learned through our own journeys that having the tools to stay calm in the eye of the storm means that we can do bigger magick, have juicier lives, be more present with the people we love, feel safer in our bodies, have better sex, create greater art and be of deeper service.
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This guide is like a book of spells to weave more calm and deep power into your life, every day, brought to you by real people who have decades of work and expertise.

In our Nervous System Care guide book you will learn:

> The different ways our nervous systems can work and the part trauma plays 


> How to recognize and manage your triggers when sh*t hits the fan 


> Exercises, recipes and tools to feel genuinely calmer and more grounded in the moment when things are feeling wild 


> How to build your emotional resilience over the longer term and rewire yourself


> How hormones can affect your reactivity to life, and how to balance them


> How to remember what is true in the middle of chaos


> How to use nonviolent communication to have more honorable relationships and calmer conversations

Nurturing your nervous system is fundamental to living a life full of joy, enchantment, and purpose. Even in the middle of an apocalypse.

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